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Mission, Goals, and Priorities

Governor’s Message

Georgia’s Alliance of Education Agency Heads is the state’s P-20 Council. Through collaboration and partnerships, the education Agency Heads work together to create a stronger education system for all of Georgia’s students, from pre-kindergarten centers, K-12 classrooms, higher education institutions, and the workforce. I view education as Georgia’s number one economic development tool, and by improving education we are building a more educated Georgia.

– Governor Nathan Deal

The purpose of the Alliance of Education Agency Heads is to strengthen collaboration among public, business, and nonprofit agencies and organizations to achieve Georgia’s education priorities.


Create an innovative and collaborative education system that is student-focused and facilitates student success by aligning policymakers, education agencies, and strategic partners to promote a shared commitment and provide resources to improve educational outcomes.

Goal 1

Increase the percentage of students reading at grade level by completion of third grade.

Goal 2

Increase the percentage of graduates from high school and postsecondary institutions prepared for the demands of college, workplace, a global economy, and responsible citizenship.

Goal 3

Increase the percentage of effective teachers and educational leaders.